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No Wood Chipping August 2, 2018

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Big's Sanitation, Inc. 724-379-4331

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Aluminum, steel and bi-metal food and beverage containers
Glass - Empty and Rinse

Clear, brown and green glass and beverage containers - Empty and Rinse

Do not include Ceramics, Pyrex, mirrors, crystal, milk glass,
Dishes, light bulbs, TV tubes, window and auto glass

Newspaper and cardboard


Resin Identification Symbol 1 Polyethylene terephthalate - Fizzy drink
bottles and frozen ready meal packages.
Resin Identification Symbol 2 High-density polyethylene - Milk and
washing-up liquid bottles.
Resin Identification Symbol 3 Polyvinyl chloride - Food trays, cling film,
bottles for squash, mineral water and
Resin Identification Symbol 4 Low density polyethylene - Carrier bags and
bin liners
Resin Identification Symbol 5 Polypropylene - Margarine tubs,
microwaveable meal trays.
Resin Identification Symbol 6 Polystyrene - Yoghurt pots, foam meat or
fish trays, hamburger boxes and egg cartons,
vending cups, plastic cutlery, protective
packaging for electronic goods and toys.
Resin Identification Symbol 7 Any other plastics that do not fall into any
of the above categories. For example
melamine, often used in plastic plates and

2018 Recycling Calendar

2018 Recycling Calendar
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