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Job Opportunity

White Oak Borough will be accepting resumes from individuals and requests for proposals from third party companies for the position of Zoning/Code/Building Inspector. Resumes and proposals must be received not later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 22, 2016, in the White Oak Borough Municipal Office. A list of responsibilities/duties can be viewed on the Borough's website or a copy can be secured by calling 412-672-9727.


Zoning Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector

White Oak Borough is seeking a qualified individual/third party vendor able to fulfill the duties of a municipal zoning officer and building inspection as prescribed in the Uniformed Construction Code, Municipal Planning Code of Pennsylvania, the municipal ordinances, job description and the scope of work for the Borough.


  • Review Subdivision and Land Development Plans for zoning compliance
  • Process variance, special exception, and conditional use applications
  • Provide complete administration and enforcement of municipal zoning ordinances
  • Distribute appropriate materials to the Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board for upcoming meetings as well as attend Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board Meetings.
  • Prepare minutes detailing action of the Planning Commission meetings and a short synopsis of the Zoning Hearing Board meetings.
  • Distribute appropriate materials to third party inspection company when necessary
  • Attend governing body meetings when requested
  • Establish effective communications with all municipal departments
  • Process zoning and/or building permits
  • Prepare zoning officer and zoning/building activity reports
  • Assist in preparing amendments to zoning ordinances
  • Perform fieldwork as necessary to discharge the office of zoning officer
  • Provide testimony before Council, Zoning Hearing Board or recognized court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Review rezoning applications for compliance with local and county comprehensive plans
  • Prepare and submit legal advertisements as necessary
  • Inspection of residential units for compliance with change in ownership or tenant, as well as annual inspection of all residential rental units for compliance with current code(s)
  • Assist residents with completion of zoning and building permit applications in a courteous and professional manner
  • Respond to complaints received from the public, in a courteous and professional manner
  • Filing, phone skills, fundamental mathematic skills


  • High school diploma
  • Minimum Certified Code Officials Certifications:

    10 Residential Building Inspector
    15 Building Inspector
    23 Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner
    29 Building Code Official
  • Basic computer skills, Work, Excel, researching information on web sites.
  • Understanding of zoning ordinances
  • Have an understanding of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
  • Must be available for evening meetings.
  • Ability to be trained and use Borough's Land Management software
  • Current PA Driver's License
  • Ability to pass a criminal and personal background check and drug test upon offer of employment, ability to be bonded, current PA Driver's License

Resume and or Proposal must be submitted to White Oak Borough, 2280 Lincoln Way, White Oak, PA 15131 no later than 4:00 p.m., February 22, 2016.

Duties of the Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer

  • Initiates inspections to building, housing, abatement, land-use, nuisances, and other related ordinances
  • Inspects existing structures (exterior and interior) and the premises for property maintenance in accordance with the International Property Maintenance Code and Borough Ordinances
  • Investigates complaints concerning enforcement of codes
  • Educates developers, builders, business owners, landlords, and residents about codes, ordinances, and regulations that are under the administration of the Code Enforcement Department and Zoning Regulations of White Oak Borough
  • Conducts field investigations of violations and properly documents violations
  • Issues and posts warning notices, notices of violation, and written violation notices
  • Appears as a witness for the Borough and testifies at any court hearings, depositions, and Code Appeals Board hearings to gain compliance
  • Prepares and maintains detailed records and statistics related to Code Enforcement activities
  • Proposes amendments to specific Borough codes or regulations which relate to the position and would enhance the Borough's enforcement capabilities
  • Coordinates efforts with other departments to assure appropriate action and uniformity of the interpretations, applications, and enforcement of regulations and codes
  • Has the ability to adjust work schedule to include nights and weekends during the Spring/Summer/Fall
  • Conducts commercial occupancy inspections with change in tenant use
  • Conducts residential occupancy inspections with change in ownership and/or tenant in accordance with the current Borough Ordinance
  • Collects, selects, classifies, and compiles data from several sources and prepares summary reports
  • Files quarterly reports of permits issued in the Borough to Allegheny County's Assessment Office
  • Files quarterly reports to Labor and Industry
  • Files monthly reports to the US Census Bureau
  • Receives and checks all applications for zoning permits and certificates of zoning compliance
  • Coordinates all matters before Planning and Zoning Board meetings, and provides respective Boards with all relevant information one week prior to the meeting
  • Advertises Planning and Zoning Board meeting agendas with the Borough's designated publication
  • Coordinates all Planning and Zoning meeting dates and times, and notifies all parties including any canceled meetings which are to be posted on the Borough door
  • Submits a monthly report to Borough Council of all permits and violation notices issued, complaints received and actions taken
  • Issue zoning permits and certificates of zoning compliance only for construction and uses which are in accordance with the regulations of the zoning chapter and subsequent amendments
  • Works with the business community and citizens to raise code consciousness
  • Performs other duties assigned by Council


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