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Truck and Treat 2019

Trick or Treat October 31st, 6-8 pm

2019 Side Yard & Blighted Structure Program

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White Oak Borough Street Assessment

Borough Council and Mayor requested that our Engineer, Senate Engineering Company, complete an independent assessment of our streets and storm sewers in order to guide our planning process in preparation for future paving and storm sewer construction projects. Attached is a link that would allow you to review the assessment report. This tool assists Borough Officials with the necessary data to plan for our future road improvements within our community. This report is a tentative listing and may be modified at any time during the planning process.


The Public Works Department and Code Enforcement Officer would like to remind everyone that due to the upcoming weather forecast, all parked cars must be removed from the streets to enable the crew to plow a path as wide as possible. Where cars must be parked on the street, keep them as tight to the edge as possible. Do not park directly across from another vehicle. Where possible, keep all on-street parking to the odd numbered side. Do not park in alleys during snow and ice events. Police may tow vehicles impeding traffic flow and snow removal. This is especially important on dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs. If you move your car after we plow your street, we will not return to plow again.

During heavy snowstorms, wait for your street to be plowed before shoveling your driveway apron if possible. When shoveling your driveway, the snow should be piled on the right hand side of the driveway when facing the street. If the snow is piled on the other side, the plow will drag it across the cleared driveway and you will have to re-shovel the driveway. The Public Works employees do not plow snow into anybody's driveway on purpose - they are just doing their jobs, keeping the entire roadway clean and safe. Whenever you are walking on the roadways or shoveling it is very important for your safety and for the safety of the crew to move off to the side of the road as far as possible when you see the plow trucks coming.

Also remember that residents and businesses are not permitted to shovel or plow snow into the street and fines may be levied if you do so. Ordinance 713.01. Shovel or plow the snow to the sides of your driveway or sidewalk or place it in your yard. Ordinance 907.03 requires the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks adjoining your property. This pertains to both residential and commercial properties within the Borough.

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